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INDIE MERCH ONLINE is an online shopping mall exclusively for independent (unsigned to major labels) Christian artists, bands, and other ministries including itinerant speakers, teachers, and preachers. This independently-branded online merch store is where these ministries can sell their merch online with no fees paid to the shopping cart host/vendor - so that all proceeds from your purchase goes directly to that particular ministry.

Each artist/band/ministry has their very own "store" where their merch is sold, so find your favorite artist, band or ministry listed (left) and take a look at their merch. All sales transactions are processed through Indie Merch Online's TMA Business Paypal account (we are a verified PayPal business).

Items that you will find here include CDs, books, clothing, posters, study guides, etc. If you're looking for great music, you can download single tracks for purchase.

EARN POINTS! By shopping at Indie Merch Online as a registered shopper, you can earn points towards future purchases from any of our stores here in the online mall. Make sure you register with us when you make your first purchase (at check-out) and log back in each time you visit. Get 25 points when you make your first purchase!

Thanks for shopping at Indie Merch Online and for supporting your favorite musicians and ministries! Be sure to check out the other shops here you may not be familiar with here - we have some awesome music and merch here at Indie Merch Online.

Many blessings,
Gary Stripling, President
The Management Agency (TMA)
Indie Merch